Dance America

Boldly dancing where no-one has danced before.

Ever since I visited North Amercia for the first and only time as a bright eyed 8 year old, I’ve long held a dream to return to dance across every step of the States.  So the next big challenge will be exactly that: dancing 3,000 miles of my dance around the world sees me set off from the Golden Gate Bridge to the Statue of Liberty.  Dancing between 15 and 30 miles per day, I’ll have to endure the heat of American summers (when I can get time off from my day job) and a mountain range or three along the way, and will be giving my usual morning school talks to every school who’ll have me as I go.  It’s more than twice as far as my dance across Britain, and both legs together mean it’ll be the furthest I or anyone on the planet has ever danced.  Bring it on!
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