Dance America: boldly dancing where no-one has danced before

Alone and self-supported I’m dancing my way across every step of the USA.

After some years spent settling down with my wonderful partner Trishna, taking on a full time job and battling countless injuries that stopped me in my prancing tracks, 2018 has seen me resurrect my long-distance dancing ambitions as I begin to dance every step from LA to New York. To start off I am dancing the length of the famous Route 66, through eight US states all the way from Santa Monica to Chicago. Unlike my previous challenges, every step will be done under my own steam – pulling and pushing everything I need to stay alive, healthy and on track through the great heat and wilderness of the USA.  So far I’ve made it 200 miles through the suburbs of LA out to the Mojave desert – see the full story on my blog – and in July and August will be back for 600 more miles through the desert of California, Arizona and New Mexico to Albuquerque.

My route

To the uninitiated, Route 66 might appear like one long, forgotten road.  Sadly for me, it isn’t – it’s now become a disjointed mishmash of roads as the old Route 66 has become superseded by new Interstates that I’m not allowed to dance along.  Attempting to follow the famous old road on my American dancing adventure is proving interesting – here’s an approximate route I’ve mapped out that I’m attempting to stick to as closely as I can:

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