My Life List

After publicly announcing I wanted to dance the world and identifying the USA as my next target, I’ve had to postpone three years in a row as life got in the way.  Depressing.

To try to avoid getting stuck in this ‘all or nothing’ mentality, I’ve made the commitment to build dance into my every day, week, month and year.  The result is my ‘Life List’ – my own personal bucket list of adventures in prance that I’d like to accomplish at some point in life.  If you’ve got an idea I could add, please comment at the bottom of the page – many thanks.

1. Dance a Tough Mudder
5. Dance through every Royal Park in London
9. Dance the Great Wall of China
13. Dance The World’s Longest Dance

(5 days, 15 hours non-stop)

17. Dance in every National Park in Britain
21. Learn a Dance Move a Week for a Year
25. Dance the Three Peaks Challenge
29. Dance to the top of the world’s tallest building

(whichever it is at the time)

2. Dance London to Brighton
6. Learn to breakdance live on stage

(in front of a thousand people)

10. Dance to every charity shop in London

(I love a charity shop, me)

14. Dance up to Machu Picchu
18. Start a Dance Craze
22. Dance every step across America
26. Dance Through Every London Borough
30. Dance the Great North Run
3. Dance the London Marathon
7. Dance in a shop window for a day
11. Dance a Tower-Running Race


15. Dance to Work for a Week

(from Enfield –  over a marathon a day)

19. Dance up the Eiffel Tower
23. Dance a Day with a Busker

(on the Underground)

27. Dance the Notting Hill Carnival
31. Dance Across a Desert
4. Dance to France

(and back… non-stop on a ferry)

8. Dance with a current or former Prime Minister of Britain
12. Dance Through Glastonbury Festival

(for 72 hours non-stop)

16. Dance the Route of London Pride
20. Dance the Length of the Thames
24. Dance Every Step Across Britain

(from John o’Groats to Land’s End)

28. Dance in Britain’s 100 Biggest Cities
32. Dance Across Every London Bridge


  1. James Burnell

    Dance an ultramarathon?

    • Ben Hammond

      Nice one – it’s in!


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