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Wednesday March 28th 2018

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Teacher from London, England to begin dance across America via Route 66 in California

Teacher and lecturer Ben Hammond, 40, from the UCL Institute of Education in London, England, will begin the first leg of his self-supported charity dance across America from Santa Monica pier, the start of the famous ‘mother road’ Route 66, at 10am on Wednesday March 28th.

Awarded a British Empire Medal in the 2018 New Years’ Honours list for his services to dance and charity, Ben is attempting to dance every step of the way through most of Route 66 in California over three short weeks.  He will shimmy through the urban sprawl of LA and shake his way through the wilderness of the Mojave desert, all the while taking in the sights and sounds of the iconic twentieth century route.

Ben will be completing the challenge alone – pulling and pushing everything he needs to stay on track, stay healthy and stay dancing through the 200+ miles.  Passers-by will be able to hear an eclectic mix of music fuelling his moves and see him proudly wearing his signature neon yellow tutu as he prances on.  In dancing and wearing the tutu, Ben is using his freedom to raise funds for Anti-Slavery International – highlighting the plight of millions around the world trapped by forms of modern-day slavery and human trafficking.

Ben is no stranger to endurance dancing feats.  In 2011 he completed the world’s longest ever dance non-stop (5 days’, 15 hours of dancing) and in 2012/13 he danced 1300 miles from the top to bottom of the United Kingdom.  Yet each of those challenges was complete with a dedicated support team in place.  Without such luxuries for his dance across America, Ben is looking to locals to help kickstart his Californian conga so he can keep his costs low and raise even more for Anti-Slavery International:

“I’m calling on America to make this challenge truly people-powered. I’m looking for Californians to take me under their wing by offering whatever they can to help me along the way – be it giving me a high-five as I pass by, teaching me a dance move, suggesting a track to dance to, offering me a bite to eat to keep my moves flowing, joining me for a block or two or just motivating me on with a cheer or a shout-out!” 

The response to his call for help has already been astounding – with Ben having received offers of free accommodation for his first ten nights on the road from local Californians.  Ultimately through this dance Ben is hoping to beat the record of 40,000 people who joined and supported him in his dance across the UK.  People can contact Ben, follow his prancing progress and get the inside track on his challenge at

Dance America 4
Photo: Phineas Kibbey

Dance America 1
Photo: Ross Gamble

Ben Hammond is… Planet Prancer
Photo: Trishna Gautama

Dance Britain – Birmingham
Photo: Ben Hammond


Dance America 2
Photo: Ross Gamble

Dance Britain – reaching Land’s End
Photo: Eleanor Wakeford

Dance Britain – Caingorm Mountains
Photo: Rebecca Fay

Dance America 3
Photo: Ross Gamble

Dance Britain – south west coast path
Photo: Eleanor Wakeford

Dance Britain – Cardiff
Photo: Ben Hammond

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